AJINOMOTO’s position – the Bundesrat requested the Federal Government for a clear labelling

On 15th of October, the Bundesrat, the representative federal constitutional body of the 16 German regional states, has asked the federal Government to plead for a clear and explicit labelling of combined reformed meat products in the European Union. This concerns products in which through the application of special technologies, including Transglutaminase, several smaller meat pieces are combined to so-called (re)formed meat.

Recommended labeling when ACTIVA® EB/ACTIVA® PB is used in Germany

ACTIVA® EB is composed of caseinate, enzyme Transglutaminase and maltodextrin as the carrier of Transglutaminase. In the final foodstuff only caseinate has to be labeled in the list of ingredients if it is not used in the same way and with the same purpose as processing aids...

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Can people with celiac disease eat products containing TG?

For celiac disease to occur, gliadin peptides must be produced and deamidated in the intestinal tract. Patients with celiac disease should avoid foods containing gluten, regardless of wether or not they contain TG. If, for example, a non-wheat food is ingested, specifically a food in which AJI-TG was used but that does not contain gluten, is the absence of gluten means that gliadin peptide will not be produced in the intestinal tract, so there is no need to be concerned with deamidation by AJI-TG...

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Majorities support combined meat products if adequately labeled - Emnid Poll in Germany

Following intensifying discussions on the use of technologies and particularly those that combine meat and fish parts, PA Europe requested TNS Emnid to test the opinions of German consumers through a national representative opinion poll. The poll was held by telephone among 1003 respondents between 6-7 May 2010...

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The regulatory status of the enzyme transglutaminase in the processing of raw and heated meat products in Germany

The use of transglutaminase in foodstuffs is to be judged on the basis of the applying general rules (compare the statement of the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of 23 July 2008). There is no positive list in Germany regulating the use of food enzymes.